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Morning Star Calls
There is always One Place where you can turn to for Facilitation.
Join the Free Morning Star Call Session 
A Gift call from Nithya Chellam to allow you to create the change you are looking for !!
Move Towards Being Infinite!!
The Morning Star Call has helped many people change their life by changing their perspective. 

A One Hour Access Consciousness based Clearing Session. 

In this session, You will be facilitated towards new possibilities and the joy of living.
What will you get ? 
A Dose of Consciousness and Lightness

Unique Life Changing Topics every week

Stay in touch with Access Tools and Techniques

Attend live to get Personal Facilitation

Get access to Youtube Recordings of all sessions

Get Offers on all our Other Programs

Would you be willing to take that step and more?

Being infinite allows you to receive all the goodness, love and gratitude the universe gifts you.

Are you willing to obtain more?

Are you willing to let go of the things that stop you from receiving everything you desire?

If your answer is yes, then accept my invitation and join me on my upcoming Morning Star Call on Zoom.

Be the star you are meant to be shining always!!
Who Is Nithya Chellam?
An Access Certified Facilitator, and an infinite being!
Nithya Chellam is an Access Consciousness® Bars Facilitator, Certified Facilitator, Talk to the Entities Facilitator, Talk to the Animals Facilitator, CFMW. Life Coach, Author, Certified hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression Specialist, Souls Temple Facilitator, Redikall Healer, Reiki Grand Master, Tarot Reader, Angel Healing Facilitator and Shamanic Facilitator.

She follows a holistic approach in her facilitation. She has trained over 800+ of participants in Consciousness. She has the innate ability to tap into the power of consciousness, She has empowered hundreds of people in harnessing the power of awareness. She is a Facilitator who combines her concept of individuality and uniqueness to make her facilitation more meaningful for others and herself.

She is very passionate about facilitating others and helping them choose consciousness for a better life. She also practices and teaches shamanic healing for those who dare to explore their connection to earth, SPIRIT WORLD MAGIC and the beauty of nature.
She is the Founder of Unearth One Earth (, Author of book's - "A Place Called Home", "Communion Symbols", Mother and Software Engineer.

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